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Submission Information is a monthly newsletter devoted to serving today's automotive dealer. We are currently accepting submissions for inclusion in our newsletter. Our submission guidelines have changed. Please review the following carefully before sending in submissions.

Article Guidelines

  • Must pertain to automotive retailing
  • 900-1200 words
  • No self promotion (ie: "Call us at 800-123-4567 to schedule an appointment with our crack team of professionals.")
  • Submissions must be in electronic format (ie: MS Word, MS Works, plaintext, Word Perfect)
  • Try to avoid using excessive formatting throughout the article (this does not apply to paragraph headers or bullet points that are bolded for emphasis.)
  • Keep relevant images (drawings, spreadsheet snapshots, etc) to a minimum.
  • Spell check your document. (Do not rely solely on the spell check option in your word processor, it does not know the difference between "their" and "there".)
  • Title of article should be at the top of the article in bold and large font.
  • Subtitle, under the title, in bold and slightly smaller than the title.*
  • Title and URL (web address) of up to three related eDealerNews articles.**
  • Short byline for inclusion on article.***

Article Guideline Options and Explanations

* Optional subtitle. Subtitles are used on the front page and in the database to further describe the article. If no subtitle is indicated by the author, eDealerNews may select part of the article to include on the front page as descriptive text. This descriptive text will not appear in the database and therefore will not appear in the author or topic listing of articles.

** New feature. Related articles may be specified by the author for inclusion in the article being submitted. The title of the article and full URL (web address) must be submitted and appear at the end of the article and be specified as related articles. Related articles may only be articles that have been run by eDealerNews previously. If you are submitting two or more articles in one month and wish to have them related, titles only will be required. Articles that do not reside on the eDealerNews site will not be added as related articles.

***This short byline should be no more than one paragraph and appear at the end of your submission. A full bio for inclusion in our database may be submitted according to the guidelines below.

These options apply to new submissions only. Submissions previously posted to the site will not be edited to include the new features.

Bio Guidelines

  • Name and email address for inclusion in our database.
  • 3 paragraph description of the author.****
  • Image of author in .jpg, .gif, or .tiff format; no larger than 100 (width) x 150 (height)****
  • Company information, including name, address, telephone, fax, website address.****
  • Path to company logo.****

Bio Guideline Options and Explanations

**** Bio options. You may include with your article a short biography about yourself or your company, or a combination of both. This information will appear when a reader selects "Click Here for More About This Author" at the bottom of the article or selects your name from the "Search by Author" drop down menu on the front page. Your biography should not exceed three paragraphs in length and may be edited if it does exceed this limit.

A picture may be included with your article, please send it separately, do not embed it inside your Word document. Your photo should be no larger than 100 x 150. If you have a very large image and are unable to shrink it down, please email the Web Diva at, and she will resize it for you. Be sure to attach the image in question.

Include as much company information as you can. Important information is your company website and telephone number. Readers may wish to contact you or your company for services. While we frown upon self promotion within your article, we are more than happy to include any information you wish to share with readers about you or your services in your bio.

If you wish to have your company logo displayed in your bio, please include the full path to the image on your web server. If you are unsure of the path, ask your administrator. You can usually find the path of the image by going to your website, right clicking on the image, and selecting "Properties" in Internet Explorer. It will display the path as "Address" in a popup window. (ie:

If your company does not currently have a web site and you still wish to include your company logo, please contact the Web Diva at and she will be happy to work with you.

All email addresses and URLs are inserted into a database. This database is used to create the "Author Information" page for each author. This page is dynamic in nature, not static, therefore email addresses of the authors are safe from spam bot harvesting unless included inside your article.

Bios can be updated to reflect new information at nearly any time. Please note that while your bio information can be changed, your byline that appears on your articles cannot be once it is posted to the web site. Email changes to your bio to

Deadline and Submission Address

eDealerNews reserves the right to refuse publication of any article submitted without notice.


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