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The Best of 2001
eDealerNews had a tremendous year in 2001, and we'd like to thank everyone who has been involved with our success. In the last year, we have had a lot of reader feedback regarding the articles we've run and the authors who wrote them.

The editors at eDealerNews have compiled a list of some of the best articles we've run over the last year. Our list was compiled based on reader feedback, in addition to the quality of the article. We have limited our selections to five from each category. This list is by no means all encompassing of the fantastic work presented by the authors, space wouldn't allow us to include everyone.

We hope you enjoy our selections and have a very successful year in 2002.

Sales Strategies
Dave Anderson
The "Good" People You're Looking For Could Be Right Under Your Nose
The quest to find "good people" has become a proverb....

Jimmy Atkinson
5 Keys To Selling Your Way Out Of A Slow Market
Have you heard the news? All the experts say that we are in a down market right now...

Richard Keeney
Inside Every Sale
We frequently discuss the various steps the salesperson must take along the road to closing a sale...

Ted Rubin
Negotiating The Path to the Sale
"If you don't know where you are going, when you get there, you won't even know that you are there."

Dennis Rushing
Cats and the Internet Customer
Don't ever confuse me as a cat person. Anyone who ever has known me will attest to this...


Marketing 101
Thomas Ayers
21st Century Media Buying
To make the most efficient and effective use of media in your advertising plan, you need to better reach today's buyer...

Grant Dunning
Maximize Your Advertising Dollar
According to NADA, 90% of the people who visit a car dealership without buying are never contacted again about buying the vehicle...

Gus Gustafson
Research: Make Your Advertising Work Harder Than Ever Before!
Your dealership has a wealth of information walking through the door every day...

Michael Moskowitz
Going Up During Down Times
Slow economy and world unrest cause dealers to rethink traditional marketing strategies

Duane Sprague
The 12 C's Of Effective Advertising
You have no doubt heard of the 4 C's of selecting a diamond...

General Office
Bill Bower
Investment Opportunities in the Buy-Here, Pay-Here Industry
The Buy-Here, Pay-Here (BHPH) business is very capital intensive...

Ron Catronio
5 Habits of Good Communicators
Here are 5 important communication skills you should work on developing...

Loyd H. Rawls
Seeking Succession
The Curse Of Hard Times

Don E. Ray
Fraud in the Dealership
Fraud accusations and car dealerships seem to be in the news all the time these days...

Cathy J. Scott
Effective Delegation Technique's For Controller's & Office Manager's Ultimate Success
Delegation is the process of establishing and maintaining effective working arrangements...

F&I Department
Jim Bass
E-Commerce in the F&I Office
There are a number of opportunities in the F&I office utilizing the internet...

Kimberly Greenhut
Left Pocket, Right Pocket
Think You Have To Take from Front End Gross to Increase F&I Gross?

Gary Mitchell
Good Credit, Bad Credit, Don't know. What do you do?
Every day, Sales and F&I Managers struggle to help customers who have bad or marginal credit...

Paul Snider
Credit Scores to be a Secret No Longer
Consumers will now be armed with additional information, which will allow better decisions when accepting terms of loans for automobile and mortgage purchases...

Paul Snider
Understanding Special Finance
Understanding special finance seems simple on the surface, customers are plentiful, lenders aggressive and inventory readily available...

advertisement advertisement
See us at NADA booth 2617!

BDC Department
Ted Rubin
CRM: Sounds Great, But Can I Dance to It?
Back when I was managing at a dealership, I remember thinking that there had to be a better way to track and manager our customers and their information...

Robert Schwartz
Thoughts From My Groups
"We gotta learn to manage our time."

Forrest Scott
BDC's Are Here to Stay
The age of the Business Development Center has arrived...

Forrest Scott
The BDC, It's Not Just About Relationships --- It's About Survival.
Perhaps it's time to give another spin to the question "Why do I need a Business Development Center?"

Forrest Scott
You May Already Be On Your Way to Having a BDC
Do you already have a person calling service customers or a person calling showroom traffic and service customers?


Legal Issues
Thomas Hudson
Sign Right Here Folks, and Here, and Here
Car dealers are the bravest people on the planet...

Tony Moorby
Stop the Illegal Flow of Used Vehicles from the U.S.
Auctions need to create a facility that has access to databases in order to check that vehicles were properly bought and paid for, and gives a stamp of approval before these vehicles are allowed to leave the U.S.

Gregg Tompkins
New State Laws Regarding Warranty on the Horizon
Every year new bills are introduced in State House and Senate chambers to add to, or modify state laws...

Keith Whann
Aggressive Advertising Generates Unforeseen Liability Along with Increased Sales
One example of an aggressive strategy that has become popular in the automobile industry is to utilize the "Everybody Rides" theme...

Keith Whann
As New Privacy Laws Take Affect, Dealership Telephone Solicitations Are Getting More Attention
Over the past several years motor vehicle dealers have begun to embrace new technology to improve their communication with existing and potential customers...

Fixed Operations
Pete Daniel
Building Customer Loyalty
"It Starts In The Service Drive"

Ed J. Kovalchick
Fixing the Service Lane Cattle Drive
The list of weighty items a professional service advisor has to be able to perform well is quite extensive...

Mark Martincic
RX: Prescriptions for your Body Shop
The first article in a two part series.

Don Tipton
Being Proactive in the Service Department
When you are in retail business of any type, can you ever hope to be in control of your day?

Carl S. Tremblay
Read & Implement Series:
Proficiency, Efficiency, Productivity, Unapplied Time and Lost Capacity . . . Do I really need to know this stuff?

Grace Appleton
What's In Store for the Next Generation of Online Remarketing Systems?
Technology will continue to enhance remarketing programs in exciting new ways...

Paul Gillrie
The PC vs The Hybrid
Don't waste your money on the new hybrid terminals. They are costing you more than you realize...

Kevin Kavanagh
Using Technology to Find and Sell Customers
You can profit from technology but technology alone will not bring profits...

Dennis Rushing
Field of Dreams
Okay now; let's see if we have properly done our homework preparing our dealership to sell cars over the Internet...

Todd Smith
Internet Anxiety
The other day a dealer told me that so far the Internet had been nothing but a pain in his posterior...

Internet Department
Jimmy Atkinson
Internet Power for Salespeople
How would you like to increase sales and gross profits on today's informed customers?

Peter Martin, Jr.
What is a "Stat-Server", and why do I need it?

Michael Moskowitz
Thar's Gold in Them Email Addresses
Capturing and Updating Customer Email Addresses Can help a Dealership Strike it Rich

Greg Mushro
Ten Biggest Dealer Website Turnoffs
Setting up an online presence is easy. Making it work -- and making money at it -- isn't.

Kevin Stevens
Selling Cars on eBay
Part 1 - Listing your vehicle

Editor's Corner
tsmith Letter From the Editor

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Systems Administrator
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